Juego de Juntas para YANMAR L40 AE-S/SE, L48 AE-S/SE, Chino 170F [#71427092600]

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Gasket Set for YANMARRecambios para YANMAR motores L40 AE-S/SE, L48 AE-S/SE, Chinese 170F [#71427092600]

promotionThis listing is about a brand new after-market Gasket Set for the following YANMARRecambios para YANMAR motores and Chinese 170F engines, and replaces OEM Part #714270-92600:

  • L40 AE-S
  • L40 AE-SE
  • L48 AE-S
  • L48 AE-SE

This high-performance Gasket Set comes directly from a top-quality
ISO-certified Manufacturer.


This top-quality Gasket Set is covered by a 2-year warranty.

No Exporters - No Intermediaries
You buy at a competitive price, because we buy directly from the source!

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