Segmentos de Pist贸n para HOMELITE Super XL-AO, SXL-AO - SXLAO [#594361A]

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Piston Ring Set for HOMELITERecambios para HOMELITE maquinas Super XL-AO, SXL-AO - SXLAO [#594361A]

This listing is about an after-market top-quality Piston Ring Set made by the well-known OEM firm CABER and fits the following HOMELITERecambios para HOMELITE maquinas models:

  • Super XL-AO, SXL-AO Chainsaw models:
    • UT-10739 (Big Red)
    • UT-10650-B (Int'l)
    • UT-10712 (Old Blue)
    • UT-10045
    • UT-10045-A
    • UT-10045-B
    • UT-10045-C
    • UT-10045-E
    • UT-10166
    • UT-10478
    • UT-10487
    • UT-10487-A
    • UT-10489
    • UT-10489-A
    • UT-10491
    • UT-10499
    • UT-10499-A
    • UT-10499-B
    • UT-10525
    • UT-10525-A
    • UT-10525-B
    • UT-10535
    • UT-10535-A
    • UT-10543
    • UT-10543-A
    • UT-10543-B
    • UT-10548
    • UT-10548-A
    • UT-10560
    • UT-10574
    • UT-10574-A
    • UT-10590
    • UT-10590-A
    • UT-10591
    • UT-10591-A
    • UT-10602
    • UT-10602-A
    • UT-10602-B
    • UT-10645
    • UT-10651

The set consists of two (2) piston rings and replaces HOMELITE part #594361A


Shipping Time

"Fast Delivery" applies for all our items. See customer comments in our Feedback pages.

Our Piston Rings are branded and come directly from the top-quality and
worldwide-known OEM Manufacturer CABER.


Our Piston Rings are made from I-Cast Iron with high bending strength according to
ISO STD 6621-3:1990 and DIN 70909.

Protect your valuable HOMELITE machine. Use only Branded & High-Quality Parts.
Enjoy thousands hours of safe and trouble-free operation!

Important Notice:
  • If the Part Number of the spare part shown in this listing does not match yours, please let us know. Manufacturers often replace old Part Numbers with new ones, as they launch new products in the market.

  • If you don't know the OEM Part Number for the piston rings of your machine, please let us know the dimensions of the piston rings you are looking for (diameter x thickness).

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